A downloadable Russian Dogs for Windows

This game was realised during the Biodesign and City Jam

Our idea was to create a game that would show people what life is like for errant dogs in a big city, and we took inspiration in the ways the russian dogs have learned to survive.

Those dogs learned to take the subway, cross at green light, use the cutest to beg, and organize "heist" from vendors for food.

The game so far put the accent on the funniest aspect of those dogs lives, but we intend it to also show the hardship and other moments of this.


You control the dog with the keyboard arrows

you bark with E, when your mouth is empty

you pickup object with P, and then can eat them with E

You sprint with LeftShift

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Realized by:

Viviane Plouzeau

Clément David

Marine Bocquet

Published Jun 25, 2016
Tagsbiodesign, city, Dogs, russian


Russian's Dogs build.zip 71 MB

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